Make *Stadt* climate-neutral

Our aim

Our aim is it to keep *Stadt* as a future livable and sustainable place – for us and all the following generations. Therefore we want to support the city becoming climate-neutral by 2035.

We demand a concept for *Stadt* reaching climate neutrality until 2035.

The so called IEK/IEuKK (Integrated Energy and Climate Protection Concept) of *Stadt* includes the aim of reaching climate neutrality for the city „clearly before 2050“. Against the background of the Paris Convention and the related 1,5 °C goal, which Germany also agreed to, this is not ambitious enough. Our goal is to change the IEK and defining the goal of climate neutrality for *Stadt* by 2035 at the latest.

Sign the citizens’ initiative (Bürgerbegehren)

Via the official citizens’ initiative (Bürgerbegehren) we are seeking a legally binding city council resolution. Therefore we are collecting 30.000 signatures of citizens of *Stadt* during the next months, who are supporting our goal, which than shall be submitted to the city. The city council then examines the citizen’s initiative to be considered as formally admissible. If this is the case the city council decides to accept or reject our demand. A rejection is followed by a referendum (Bürgerentscheid) in which every person in *Stadt*, eligible to vote, is called on to vote for or against our aim and demands.

To sign the citizens’ initiative you must be a EU citizen, at least 18 years old and your primary residence has to be in *Stadt“ for at least two months.

You have to sign a „Bürgerbegehren“ always personally on an admitted signature list. You can get a list by:

  • printing at home or
  • picking it up at one of our collecting points or
  • geting it sent by mail directly to your home address.

Submit your signure list to us by:

  • bringing it to one of our collecting points or
  • mailing (the postage has to be paid by you) or
  • returning with a postage prepaid envelope via

Option 1: Collecting points

There are lots of places in *Stadt* where you can find our signature lists. Here you can find an overview map.

Option 2: Print out

Print your signature list on your own, sign it and hand it over to one of our collecting points or send it to us by mail.

Option 3: Post

You can order the signature list for free by mail via, including a return envelope with postage prepaid.